What's New!

Website (Teachers, Students, Admins)


  • July: Students can practice any topic on the web. Teachers can grade open questions. Admins can view school attendance. New
  • June: Students can now sign in through the website to solve mission questions without downloading the app. New
  • May: New Files tab (easily upload & share files) & Attendance tab (take attendance with a few clicks and beautiful UI). New
  • April: Completely revamped brainkos.com landing page with all the information you need to Get Started today! New
  • March: Support Fill in the Blank (Cloze) questions.
  • February: Admin website.
  • January: Support Open Questions.

Android/iOS App (Students)


  • v0.37.3: Students can sign in to the app with Google/Facebook/Phone to sync their progress with the web. New
  • v0.36.0: New (3rd) Missions game available: Grid! New
  • v0.35.1: Support Fill in the Blank (Cloze) questions.
  • v0.34.0: Ability to join single-player missions after they start.
  • v0.33.3: Support for Open Questions and attaching pictures in solutions.
  • v0.32.2: "Retry", "Solution", and "I don't know" buttons when solving a question.
  • v0.31.4: Minor improvements.
  • v0.30.3: Initial alpha release. Learn while playing!