# Admin Get Started

# 1. Sign in as an Admin

  • Go to app.brainkos.com
  • Sign in with one click (through Google/Facebook/Phone number)
  • Then click the yellow "Admin" button.

Sign in If you've previously logged in in a different role, just click the profile icon → Switch Role. Switch role

# 2. Create School

  • Click Schools → Add School → Create School
  • Type school name & info

Homepage Add School Create School

# 3. Ask Teachers to Join

  • Give the SchoolID to teachers
  • Teachers join the school in their Profile page
  • You approve their requests

School ID Approve Teacher Request Teacher Join School

# 4. View Classes & Statistics

  • Through the website, you can see a table of all teachers.
  • Click a teacher to see statistics for all their classes.

School Teachers Teacher Classes