# Teacher Get Started

# 1. Sign in as a Teacher

Sign in

# 2. Create Team (class)

  • Click Teams → Add Team
  • Choose name (e.g., Math 7b)
  • Select Subject, Country, and Grade

Homepage Add Team

# 3. Add Questions

  • Click Material
  • Click Create my Workspace
  • Click New Question (4 question types are supported)
  • Start typing the question... (you can use images and math, and add hints/solution)

Material Workspace New Question Types New Question Editing Hints

# 4. Send Mission

  • Once you've added some questions, select them
  • Click Add to Basket
  • Open your basket (top-right corner)
  • Click Create Mission (select mode and game template)
  • Assign the Mission to your students

Add to Basket Basket Contents New Mission

# 5. Get Insights

  • Through the website, you can see each student's progress as well as the class progress in each mission.
  • You can click on any student to see their answers, how much time they took, and whether they used hints.
  • You can view Mission statistics By Student, to find out which students need help.
  • Or view Mission statistics By Question, to see which questions were the hardest.

Students Missions Mission Stats by Student Student Answers Mission Stats by Question

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