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# Brainkos

# How does Brainkos work?

Brainkos mixes homework questions with multiplayer games, so you can enjoy your homework!

# What does "Brainkos" mean?

Brainkos are game characters (like Pokémon). Each Brainko specializes in one subject.

Students collect, train & grow them by solving questions and competing with other players.

English Brainko
English Brainko
Trivia Brainko
Trivia Brainko
Science Brainko
Science Brainko
Math Brainko
Math Brainko

# What's in the App?

3 Game Modes: Quest, Battle, Missions

Quest: Practice/review any topic in the curriculum.
Battle: Build a base and compete with other players around the world!
Missions: Homework/in-class assignments sent by your teacher.

# Quest

Master the Material

Embark on a journey to master material, topic by topic.
Test your knowledge as you navigate the quest map.
Answer questions and collect stars to unlock levels.

Quest map
Each level on the quest map contains questions on a topic in the material.
Quest minimap topics
Use the minimap to quickly jump to any topic.
Quest start
Answer review questions, and win stars!

# Battle preview

Challenge. Capture. Collect.

Advance through levels as you build and upgrade your base.

  • Challenge other players' bases and battle for victory.
  • Capture opponents' Brainkos by answering questions correctly.
  • Collect Brainkoins and acquire items to strengthen your base.
Battle Start
Open Battle tab
Battle Small Base
Start with a small base, and upgrade it
Battle Challenge
Challenge other opponents
Battle Victory
Win BrainKoins to upgrade your base

# How to play?

  1. Click "Challenge" to get an opponent base.
  2. Move around the base, and attack the opponent's brainkos (characters).
  3. They will ask you questions. Answer correctly to capture them!
  4. Reach the top to win the battle! (try to avoid sneaky bombs on the way)
  5. Use the rewards (BrainKoins) to upgrade your own base.

# How to upgrade your base?

  1. Buy Brainkos and Bombs from the shop. They will defend your base against opponents.
  2. Click your Base Level to upgrade to the next level (bigger base).

Battle Base Levels

# Missions

Homework Made Fun

Complete homework assignments through a variety of mini-games. Mini-games

# 1. MiniQuest

  • Follow a quest path, and answer a question each step of the way.
  • How to Play? Click on a level to get a question. Answer correctly to get to the next level.
  • How to Win? Get to the top of the map to complete the quest!
MiniQuest game

# 2. SpeedChallenge

  • Compete against the other team in real-time to conquer a game board where each cell is a question.
  • How to Play? Click on a cell to get a question. Answer correctly to win the indicated points.
  • How to Win? Collect more points than the other team!
SpeedChallenge game

# 3. Grid

  • Compete against the other team in real-time to conquer board tiles by answering questions.
  • How to Play? Click on a tile to get a question. Answer correctly to conquer it.
    • Cannot conquer more than 3 tiles in-a-row.
  • How to Win? Conquer more tiles than the other team!
Grid game

# Example Game:

Grid game start
Grid game started.
Conquer tiles by answering questions!
Grid game middle
Each team has conquered 4 tiles so far. Yellow team cannot conquer the red tiles (maximum 3 tiles in-a-row).
Grid game completed
Game over.
Green team wins!

# Questions

# Can I use Hints or see the Solution if I don't know the answer?

By logging in to Brainkos as an admin of your school, you can:

  1. View school-wide statistics and gain deep insights into real-time progress and teaching patterns.
  2. Upgrade your school to a premium subscription so that teachers can enjoy using Brainkos in all of their classes.

# For open questions, can I attach a picture of my solution?

Yes, simply click the image icon and select a picture on your phone or take one using the camera. Attach Picture


Note: On some devices, attaching a photo directly from the phone camera, rotates it incorrectly. In that case, try taking the photo with the regular Camera app first, and then attach the file in Brainkos by browsing for existing photos.

# Student Website

Through the website, you can participate in Team Missions and practice questions on any public Material topic (similar to Quest mode in the app).

# Student Material

Attach Picture

Attach Picture