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Won first place in Haifa Pitch Night competition!

# Demo

Brainkos enables teachers to easily send a fun assignment to students in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Questions from the community material, or by adding their own questions.
  2. Select a Game or learning mode.
  3. Students answer the questions while playing the game on their mobile devices, in single-player or multiplayer with their classmates.

While students are playing, teachers can watch their progress in real-time, and select any student to see their answers in detail, so they always know where students need help!

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# Business Model

Business Model

# Team


# Funding Status

Bootstrapped. Brainkos has been piloted at one school, and so far supports 3 games, 3 game modes, 4 question types, organizing the curriculum into topics, and sharing between teachers.

Also, a completely new and improved version is in the works - stay tuned!

Seeking Seed funding in 2022 to add 2 more developers + 1 business partner to the team, and turn Brainkos into a mature product that can expand to 10+ schools.

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