# Admin Guide


# Brainkos

# How does Brainkos work?

Brainkos enables teachers to easily send a fun assignment to students in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select Questions from the community material, or by adding their own questions.
  2. Select a Game or learning mode.
  3. Students answer the questions while playing the game on their mobile devices, in single-player or multiplayer with their classmates.

While students are playing, teachers can watch their progress in real-time, and select any student to see their answers in detail, so they always know where students need help!

# Admin Site

# What functionalities does the Brainkos Admin site have?

By logging in to Brainkos as an admin of your school, you can:

  1. View school-wide statistics and gain deep insights into real-time progress and teaching patterns.
  2. Upgrade your school to a premium subscription so that teachers can enjoy using Brainkos in all of their classes.

# Can my school have more than 1 admin?

Yes. Admins can create a new school, or join an existing school created by another admin.

To join an existing school, login to Brainkos as an Admin, then click School → Add School → Join Existing School.
Type the School ID that the other admin created, then ask the other admin to approve you as an admin.

You'll be able to see school-wide information such as each teacher's classes and progress.